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Again: Is a Deputy Essential? – A NEW look at the OLD argument

INTRODUCTION In my opinion, the debate over whether or not a Deputy Speaker of the House is essential for the House to function is all but dead. That debate died a little the first time, and a little more every other

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Commentary on “Police: Sex with underage person not ‘legally’ rape”

INTRODUCTION I had a read of an article which carried the title “Police: Sex with underage person not ‘legally’ rape.” Upon reading it, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. Simply because the purpose of the article escaped me. The article

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Now that I have been called to the Bar…

…I have decided on what my first topic of discussion on this blog should be. INTRODUCTION In many ways the profession that is the “Attorney-at-law” is one which is overflowing with tradition. It is also shrouded in custom and based

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Is a Deputy Essential?

INTRODUCTION So Penguin sang it best; “A deputy essential.” Of course we know what that song was really saying. It’s older than I am but it is still good for a nice laugh and some entertainment. The thing is, the

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Constitutional Cabinet Construction: Why we must have this discussion about the newly formed Cabinet in Saint Lucia.

INTRODUCTION The swearing in of the Ministers forming the new Cabinet of Saint Lucia was televised and broadcast live over local airwaves and the high speed data paths of the World Wide Web. The ceremony, in all of it’s fanfare,

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Do you remember that time the Attorney General of Jamaica posted that Tweet?

INTRODUCTION In the wake of the recent and tragic Orlando Mass Shooting in a Gay Night Club in the State of Florida USA, there is an interesting side development within the borders of Jamaica in the Caribbean. Although perspective may

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Why does the court grant bail…?

INTRODUCTION A good friend just recently asked my thoughts on this topic. “Why does the court grant bail?” It was so strange to hear this question being asked. Not because it is an unreasonable question, but because it was only

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“Constitutional Awareness 190” before “Constitutional Reform 357”

This one is aimed only at raising awareness of the need for awareness. The 190 and 357 in the title, represents what may be one of the more considerable hurdles to be crossed, to make true Constitutional Reform a reality.

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Free Access to All, All Access to Free: The Whatsapp call blocking Controversy and the Cow that makes it clearer (Hopefully)

This Article seeks to expand the view of discussion and argument over the captioned topic. It does not necessarily represent the strict view of it’s author. INTRODUCTION Full disclosure requires me to state that prior to my current legal studies,

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St. Lucians: Are you “driving without a licence?” or are you “driving without a licence….on you at the time”

This one shall be brief. First we have this; (A public advisory taken from the Official Facebook page of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force) “INFORMATION Amendments to Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act The public is hereby advised of

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