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My name is Jayde Jean and I am an Attorney-at-law based in my homeland, the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. My love for the law inspired the creation of this blog. The aim is simply to learn about the law and share my learning, experiences and views through discussion and commentary with all who wish to partake.

“Jayde’s Law” is dedicated to bringing to light, various elements of the law, politics and alike as it relates to the Caribbean. The vision begins with centralizing the discussion of the law as it relates to my homeland. However, the wider approach will be to focus attention and discussion outside of the borders of the island as well. This will extend to the wider Eastern Caribbean and the International Community. The law is all around us.

The aim of Jayde’s Law is to create an appreciation for the law as well as politics in society. Their places and effects cannot be ignored or overlooked. The law touches the lives of everyone, in some way, shape or form and at some point or the other. Therefore, it is imperative that we embrace it to the fullest and play our individual parts in shaping and developing it. I do hope that you find the content insightful and thought provoking.


Jayde Jean

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